Finding the best garden hose has always been one of the biggest challenges about gardening. I have been through a few over the years and when I asked around my gardening friends they all said the same thing. To say that gardening is a passion of mine would be a big understatement. Since I learnt as a young girl how to plant my first tomatoes I have been hooked.




I love now to pass my knowledge onto my kids and grandchildren with spending time in the garden with them my favorite thing to do. I love to also share all the knowledge that I have obtained over the years to help you too, lets find that best garden hose for you and your garden. So lets get down to business, what do we need from a garden hose and what makes a good one? This answer can come in many different forms but the most common answer is one that will last! Who wants to spend their hard earned money on a water hose that kinks, splits or is just too damn heavy to move around. Check out this fabulous video about my top rated garden hose the Flexzilla Garden Hose.




Take a look at this best garden hose in my Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Garden Hose to help you make the best choice. This hose will not suit every garden owner due to it’s size but I have described all different sorts for all different needs in my buying guide. This includes the best hose when you are on a budget and just starting out with your gardening.


Happy Gardening,