Gilmour Garden Hose Review

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Gilmour Garden Hose Review
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An extremely affordable garden hose, the Gilmour Hose represents excellent value for money without wasting it by purchasing a garden hose that will split or disintegrate after a couple of uses like the cheaper vinyl hoses.

The Gilmour Pro Commercial Hose is designed for all conditions and has a lifetime warranty. So if you have any troubles at all with this water hose, Gilmour will take care of you. This is important if you don’t have time to treat your garden hoses with care.

Features of Gilmour Hose

  • This type of Gilmour garden hose features a metal spring cover to help prevent kinks and is a durable garden hose that is built to last
  • In this 3/4 inch Gilmour hose, they use an O-ring for less flow restriction
  • When it comes time to replace it, be sure to choose an O-ring style gasket, as the flat style will not seal as well

Specifications of Gilmour Garden Hose

  • Weight: 18.68 pounds
  • Hose Diameter: 3/4 inch
  • Material: Rubber/Vinyl
  • Burst Pressure: 400 psi
  • Connectors: Brass
  • Hose length: 100 FT

Pros of the Gilmour Garden Hose

  • Excellent value for money
  • American made
  • High burst pressure

Cons of the Gilmour Garden Hose

  • Can kink easily and be hard to roll up
  • Not to be used for drinking water
  • May leak from hose connectors

Summary – 8/10

For the best cheapest hose you can’t go past the Gilmour water hose. Even though it may still kink, it is made of better material and the connectors are brass that will last longer than the plastic alternatives.

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