Seven Things To Do In Your Garden This Winter

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Just because it is winter in the northern hemisphere doesn’t mean there isn’t any gardening to do. If you are like me, you welcome a break from the yard, but you are still dreaming of next year’s garden. Put away your wheelbarrow but don’t forget about your yard altogether.

Winter garden

There are several things to do in and for your garden this winter.

1. Get Inspired

We gardeners and DIY enthusiasts are always dreaming up new projects. Are you imagining an intricate stone pathway? Maybe you just want to move a rose bush to a better location. Start browsing home and garden magazine or your favorite gardening website to get inspiration.

If you are really dedicated, you can pop some corn and binge watch In The Garden or HGTV. Take notes when inspiration strikes.

2. Map your garden

Use graph paper to map out your yard to scale. Add any pathways, buildings, or permanent fixtures to the map. Think about light, moisture, and soil when drawing in new garden beds. Where can you add some perennials for beneficial insects, wildlife, an year round beauty? Do you want more vegetable gardens? A fruit tree?

Use you map to plan and dream about how you want to modify or start your spring garden.

3. Organize seeds

Grab all those half used packages and see what you have. If you are super organized, you can put seeds in file folder and keep them in a portable file box. It’s easy to carry out to the garden when it is time to plant.

4. Order seeds

We all know how much fun it is to browse through a seed catalog with a cup of tea. Or is that just me? Mark up those catalogs or bookmark seed websites and you decide what to order. The garden map you created will help you determine what kind of seeds and how many you need. And since you organized all your seeds in the prior step, you know what you already have. It’s ok to order extra just for fun!

5. Inventory and clean your supplies

Personally, this is not the task I enjoy the most, however, it does pay off big time. It’s so nice to be ready to plant in spring and find my shovels and trowel clean and sharpened, my gloves washed and ready to go, and enough starter trays cleaned and stacked. It is also important to know that your garden hoses and lawn sprinklers are stored correctly.

Have your lawn mower, tiller, or other equipment serviced now. You will be so glad it’s ready and waiting for you!

6. Tend your compost

If you are doing it right, the microbes in your compost should be working all winter, keeping the pile warm and breaking down your future planting mix. Keep feeding it and turning it over.

7. Plant inside

Frozen ground shouldn’t prevent you from growing something. Indoor plants are the perfect way to bring calm to your indoor space. Start a container garden with herbs in your kitchen window. Or grow carrots in a pot that is at least one and a half feet deep. Buy a dwarf lemon tree at your local nursery and plant it in a pot. You can be harvesting lemons as the snow drifts outside your window.

This should keep you busy! Would love to know how you go x

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