Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Hose Nozzle 2021

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Who would have thought choosing the best hose nozzle could be so tricky! With so many different hose nozzle attachment options it can be really difficult determining what is the best garden hose nozzle for the tasks around your home.

If you’re trying to work out the best hose nozzle for garden tasks you have, then you are in the right place. In this best garden nozzle guide, I’m going to take you through the various features that will determine what is the ultimate hose nozzle for your garden tasks. I’ll then take you through some of the best rated garden hose nozzle options currently available. This will help you to grow gardens similar to the beautiful gardens seen on the National Gardening Association website. We can all dream!

So whether you’re after the best high pressure hose nozzle, the best hose nozzle to wash car, an old school brass hose nozzle, the best garden hose spray gun or something else – I have no doubt you’ll find the best water hose nozzle just perfect for you in these best garden hose nozzle reviews.

My Pick for the Best Hose Nozzle: Orbit Pistol Spray Nozzle

Don’t have time to read my entire best hose nozzles guide? For a good all rounder I think the best hose end nozzle is the Orbit Pistol Spray Nozzle. This super comfortable to hold hose nozzle has 7 different spray patterns so there will be a setting for all your watering needs, and is made from a non-corrosive exterior so it’s long lasting, even if you leave it outside in the elements.

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The Best Hose Nozzles 2019 Comparison Chart

Below is a handy comparison table of all the best garden hose nozzles reviewed in this guide.

In the table below you can quickly see all the main features of the various watering hose nozzle options easily side by side.

NameImageTypeMaterialOur RatingBuy Now
Gilmour Zinc Fireman NozzleFiremanZinc4.4BUY NOW
Lichamp Fireman NozzleFiremanBrass4BUY NOW
Sun JoeTraditionalBrass4.5BUY NOW
Dramm 12380TraditionalBrass4.5BUY NOW
Orbit 58993PistolCombination4.5BUY NOW
Gilmour 857302PistolMetal4.4BUY NOW
Nelson 851062-1001PistolPlastic4.1BUY NOW
Melnor 995037PistolMetal4.1BUY NOW
Dramm 12861WandCombination4.2BUY NOW
Orbit 58674NWandCombination4BUY NOW

Things to Consider when Purchasing one of the Best Garden Hose Nozzles

You might be surprised that there is in fact quite a huge range of different gardening hose nozzle options available to purchase. As to which hose nozzle best suits your needs depends on a range of factors. Consider the various factors below to ensure you purchase the perfect garden water nozzle for your gardening needs.

1. Purpose

Before you rush off and purchase any hose end nozzle, consider what you will be using it for. Is it to just water your garden? And if it is, what sort of garden do you have? Is your garden mostly mature plants and shrubs or do you have newly planted shrubs or young seedlings?

Perhaps you also want the best hose nozzle for car wash tasks as well as gardening? Or to also wash the driveway or other items in your yard.

In most cases you should be able to by the one nozzle for all purposes, but on some occasions, it may be best to purchase two different nozzles. Keep this in mind when reading the rest of this guide. You may want to consider a water sprinkler instead, check out my blog post on the best lawn sprinklers here.

2. Types of Garden Hose Nozzles

There are a range of different type hose nozzles to choose from, all with advantages and disadvantages depending upon what you want to use them for. Let’s briefly check out some of the more common types.

Best Hose Nozzle

Traditional or Straight Nozzles

The traditional hose nozzle has a long straight barrel which can be twisted by hand to operate the flow of water. Usually if you continue to twist it you can also change the spray patterns from a mist, to a hard stream of water similar to the nozzle of spray water bottle.

Traditional nozzles are usually made from brass making them a high quality hose nozzle (some would even say an indestructible hose nozzle) and long lasting, however they can also be rather heavy to hold for long periods.

Pistol Grip Hose Nozzle

These days the pistol grip hose nozzle (sometimes called a garden hose gun) tends to be most popular for people looking for the best garden hose spray nozzle. To operate a pistol hose nozzle you hold it in your hand and squeeze the trigger to activate the water flow – like a gun – hence the name pistol grip. If you release your grip the water flow stops which is an excellent water saving feature.

Usually the barrel of the pistol water gun hose nozzle can be turned, like the traditional nozzle, to adjust the spray pattern of water – this is referred to as a dial or turret nozzle. Dial nozzles tend to have between 2-8 different spray patterns such as jet, fan or flat, cone, shower, mist, center spray and soak or flood.

Pistol grip nozzles are usually made from either aluminum or plastic or a combination of both. The downside of pistol grip nozzles are they have quite a few moving parts and so are more likely to fail as opposed to other hose nozzles. However a water hose gun is easy to operate and tends to have quite a few different spray pattern options.

Watering Wand Nozzle

A watering wand nozzle is designed so that you can water items difficult to reach such as hanging pots, deep garden beds or even the roof of your car.

Basically, a wand hose nozzle has a long arm on it with the nozzle at the end. The nozzle at the end is usually a dial nozzle with multiple water pattern options, whilst at the other end of the arm there is usually a trigger similar to the pistol grip nozzle (see above).

Fireman Garden Hose Nozzle

If you’re after a high pressure garden hose nozzle, then you will want to get a fireman garden hose nozzle. A garden hose fire nozzle are best for people looking for a nozzle for high pressure cleaning for purposes such as cleaning their cars, driveways or other items around the yard. They are not usually the best type of nozzle for watering the garden.

A garden hose – fireman nozzle is like a traditional nozzle in that its operated by twisting the barrel, which changes the water pattern from a shower like flow to a strong jet stream.

Fireman nozzles are usually made from high quality materials such as metal with some even having rubber coatings. These are durable and long lasting which are great for anyone after a heavy duty hose nozzle.

Fan Nozzles

As the name suggests, fan nozzles flow water in a fan like pattern. These types of nozzles are not that common due to their limited use but are ideal for watering small gardens quickly.

The Best Hose Nozzle

3. Spray Patterns

These days most of the top rated garden hose nozzles come with at least a few water spray patterns, whereas some of the best type of pistol grips will come with up to around 8 different patterns. As to how many and which spray patterns you need really depends upon what you will be using your hose and nozzle for.

Spray patterns typically found on a nozzle include flat fan, cone, shower, light mist, soaker and jet sprays.

If you intend on using your nozzle for a range of purposes such as watering mature plants, young seedlings and car cleaning, your best to look for a nozzle that has multiple spray patterns.

4. Material Composition

Most garden hose nozzles are comprised of two main components – the handle and the sprayer. These two components are usually made from either metal or plastic or a combination of both.

There are a range of metals used to make nozzles including brass, zinc or lightweight aluminium. Some metal hose nozzle options may also be powder coated to protect from the elements and be rubber coated to make them more comfortable and easier to grip.

Whilst a metal garden hose nozzle is the best quality, they are also the most expensive and tend to be heavier, which may not be ideal if you are using your hose for long periods of time. In this case a nozzle made from a combination of metal and plastic is the best choice. However it is still best to ensure the component where the water flows from is made from metal, whereas the handle is ok to be made from high quality plastic.

Purchasing a nozzle made entirely from plastic is never a good idea. Nozzles made completely with plastic are poor quality and will not last long at all.

The Best Garden Hose Nozzle Reviews 2019

1. Best Fireman Garden Hose Nozzle: Gilmour Zinc Fireman Nozzle

If you’re after the best top-quality high-pressure water hose nozzle, look no further than the Gilmour Fireman’s nozzle.

This high pressure water nozzle from Gilmour is super durable. Made from heavy-duty die-cast zinc construction, the Gilmour hose nozzle features a rust and leak proof design and will last you forever.

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This fireman style hose nozzle has 250 PSI and can withstand very high water pressure. The large on and off lever  has an adjustable spray head that alters the spray. The insulation around the grip guard is great for comfort during extended use and by twisting the nozzle, 5 different water flow patterns happen. The Gilmour hose nozzle also has a two way shut off which is super convenient as it saves you returning to the tap when you want to stop the water flow.

For those after the best hose nozzle for pressure, perfect as both a car wash hose nozzle or for a well established garden, you can’t beat the Gilmour Hose Nozzle.

2. Best Hose Nozzle High Pressure: Lichamp Fireman Nozzle

The Lichamp Fireman Nozzle is a great high power, adjustable and leak proof garden spray nozzle.

This fireman style garden hose is made from high grade materials with the nozzle being made of premium brass, insulated steel, heavy duty materials and casing as well as soft rubber components. This high power hose nozzle is sure to last for years and never let you down. It is resistant to dropping, crushing, UV damage and corrosion so you can be sure you won’t be buying a new hose sprayer attachment every year.

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This power hose nozzle has an infinite water adjustment screw action so you are able to get the water flow exactly how you need it, so you have the option of having an extremely powerful flow or a very light flow which means you water wastage will be minimal.

So if you are looking for a fireman’s hose nozzle with great water flow choices then this is a great option to consider. If you are unhappy with it then you can return for a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

3. Best Brass Hose Nozzle: Sun Joe Ultimate Solid Brass Nozzle

If you are looking for the best brass hose nozzle, then be sure to check out the Sun Joe Ultimate Solid Brass Nozzle.

The best heavy duty hose nozzle is one with multiple spray patterns and this one has just that. With the adjustable spray function and jet sweeper set you will be able to set the pressure to anything from a gentle shower to a powerful jet stream.

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This heavy duty garden hose nozzle is made from a solid brass construction and provides excellent performance thanks to the one-piece inner core that resists leakage. The weight of this brass garden hose nozzle is 4.3 ounces so it isn’t heavy to hold while using.

This is a good quality brass hose nozzle that will will see you turn your ordinary garden hose into a high pressure power house all the way down to a gentle sprinkle for the flower beds and everything in between.

4. Dramm Hose Nozzle: 12380 Heavy-Duty Brass Adjustable Hose Nozzle

The Dramm garden hose nozzle is a fantastic solid brass hose nozzle that is suitable for all your gardening needs.

With the Dramm hose nozzle you will have complete control over the spray patterns as you can just twist and adjust the water pressure as required. Have it on the lowest setting if you require a slight fan sprinkle or keep twisting the industrial hose nozzle if you require a powerful water blast.

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This solid brass garden hose nozzle is, like the name suggests, made from a solid brass construction giving it a very strong and high quality build. While it is super strong it only weighs 5.6 ounces so it is not to heavy to hold while using.

The Dramm hose nozzle would be great for anything from light gardening to heavy duty cleaning of footpaths or fences.

5. Best Garden Hose Spray Gun: Orbit Hose Nozzle

If you’re after the best water spray gun definitely check out the Orbit garden hose nozzle.

The Orbit hose nozzle has 7 different spray patterns including jet, full, flat, cone, center, shower and mist spray so there is a different setting for all your different gardening and outdoor needs.

Made from plastic components and with a non-corrosive exterior, you can be sure that the strength and durability of this hose nozzle won’t fade too quickly due to being left outside in the elements.

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Other great features of this hose nozzle are the contoured handle for a non-slip grip and comfort while holding, the D-ring shape that makes it easy to hang up while storing, the thumb flow control and soft touch dial guard – all of which make gardening and using the hose a breeze.

So if you are looking for the best pistol grip hose nozzle then make sure you check this one out.

6. Gilmore Hose Nozzle: 857302-1001 Full Size Zinc Pistol Hose Nozzle

The Gilmour spray nozzle is another great hose nozzle with loads of great features.

This Gilmour hose nozzle has a quality metal build that can withstand frequent use without breaking. The self-adjusting ‘duck’ packing prevents leaks and it also has rust resistant springs.

There are unlimited spray patterns with the Gilmour nozzle as you can adjust the setting with a twist of your fingertips. Change in seconds from a cone spray, to a full flow, or even right to a powerful sharp stream ideal for cleaning.

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This hose nozzle is super lightweight only weighing 0.8 ounces so it would be ideal if you were planning on using it for extended periods of time.

So if you are looking for one of the best garden spray gun options on the market then make sure you have a look at the Gilmour garden sprayer.

7. Nelson Hose Nozzle: 851062-1001 Poly Rear Trigger Five Patter Spray Watering Nozzle

The Nelson hose nozzle sprayer is a much cheaper version so not the best garden sprayer on the market but it will definitely do the job if you are just after something cheap and easy to use.

This garden hose sprayer has a complete plastic body so might be more prone to cracking or breaking if dropped but it does have a crush resistant handle which should help if it is looked after and it should last a while. The rear trigger is easy to use and has a soft grip pad so your hand won’t get sore.

There are five different spray patterns with this nozzle so not as many as other nozzles in these reviews but you will be able to get a decent spray for most basic gardening or outdoor needs.

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This hose nozzle only weighs 5.6 ounces so it is lightweight and easy to hold for extended periods of time.

So if you are looking for the best garden hose nozzle sprayer this might not be the right choice for you but it certainly is a good cheap option if budget is your priority.

8. Melnor Nozzle: 995037 Rear Trigger

If you’re after one of the best spray nozzle for garden hose attachment options under $10, then consider this Melnor hose nozzle.

This Melnor nozzle has a heavy duty metal construction which will help to provide a long life for your garden hose nozzle. The slip resistant grip and triggered head have rubberized pads making it super comfortable for you to use for longer periods of time.

There are seven different watering patterns on this hose nozzle so you are sure to find a setting appropriate for each activity you are doing ensuring the best result each time.

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It has a weight of 8.8 ounces so it is a pretty standard weight for a hose nozzle.

This might just be the best hose end sprayer for a budget of $10 or under and would work perfectly fine for all your watering needs.

9. Dramm Nozzle: 12861 Touch-N-Flow Spray Wand Nozzle

If it is a spray wand nozzle that you are after, then make sure you have a look at the Dramm Touch-N-Flow Spray Wand Nozzle.

Hose nozzle wand watering options are great for watering plants or cleaning the roof of cars or other activities that might be hard to get to. The one-touch lever activated valve makes it super easy to use and the ergonomic insulated grip gives you great control over it.

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This water spray nozzle has a gentle, full flow to make watering simple but there isn’t an option to make the pressure lighter or heavier so it wouldn’t be suitable for high pressure cleaning or if you just require a light sprinkle on a herb garden.

Weighing 12 ounces and available in four colour options this spray hose nozzle would be a great accessory to have in your garage or garden shed.

10. Orbit Hose-End: 58674N Turret Wand Hose Nozzle with Ratcheting Head

The Orbit garden hose spray nozzle is a handy garden water sprayer that can be used for a range of different outdoor needs.

This hose spray nozzle has a huge 9 different spray options so there is sure to be an option or setting for every different watering need you could think of. The spray patterns include centre, cone, fan, shower, angle, flat, flood, mist and jet.

At 36 inches long it is perfect for those hanging baskets that are out of normal reach and the ratcheting head can rotate 18- degrees so you can get into those extra tricky places that need watering. The level fireman grip means you can easily adjust the water flow.

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This water hose sprayer weighs 13.6 ounces so while it wouldn’t be ideal for long periods of use it would be great to have for the hard-to-reach areas and then swap back to a normal hose nozzle for simple watering of the lawn etc.

A great hose nozzle to keep in the shed for the times you need a little more length to get those high hedges watered.

I hope this information helps choosing your water hose spray nozzle easier. It makes a big difference to how well your garden hose will work. Needing a garden hose too? Check out our guide on how to choose the best garden hose.

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