Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Garden Hoses 2021

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Finding the best garden hose is one of the most important decisions for any gardener. We have all been there, we think we have bought one of the best garden hoses and then it kinks! So frustrating and such a waste of money. The best water hose is not always the cheapest. When you are buying a hose you want the best garden hose that you can afford and best value for money.

I have used many garden hoses over the years, from a cheap one claiming to be a never kink hose to the rubber hose that I purchased years ago. I look forward to helping you find the best garden hose for you and your garden while at the same time saving you money from making the wrong choices. You can then spend more money on all of the inspiration that you find over at Better Homes and Gardens! Once you have the beautiful grass you will need a great mower, check out our post on zero turn mowers.

My choice out of the best garden hoses: Flexzilla Garden Hose

If you want to save time and just pick the top rated garden hose I highly recommend the Flexzilla hose with swivel grip. A long lasting, lightweight garden hose that suits a large majority of gardeners.

Best Garden Hoses Comparison Guide: Our Garden Hose Review Format

Before I describe what you should look for in a garden hose to buy, check out our the comparison chart below which will help you to understand what a top rated garden hose would do for you. This will help you understand the different types of garden hoses and to decide which is best for you.

Garden Hose Comparison Chart

There are many good water hoses available to buy. The following table displays the ultimate water hose with different types, price ranges etc. You can then find more information on all of these with of our garden hose reviews below.

NameTypeLengthDiameterOur ratingBuy
Water Right 600 Series 50 FootFlexible50 foot5/8 inch4.5BUY NOW
Aterod Expandable Garden HoseExpandable50 foot3/4 inch4.4BUY NOW
Flexzilla Garden Hose with SwivelGripFlexible100 foot5/8 inch4.8BUY NOW
Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden HoseFlexible100 foot5/8 inch4.6BUY NOW
Osmile Professional Series Soaker HoseSoaker100 foot1 inch4.6BUY NOW
Apache Heavy Duty HoseHeavy Duty50 foot3/4 inch4.7BUY NOW
Water Right Professional Coil Garden HoseCoil50 foot3/8 inch3.8BUY NOW
Flexzilla Garden Lead-in HoseFlexible10 foot5/8 inch4.4BUY NOW
Gilmour PRO Commercial HoseFlexible50 foot3/4 inch4.5BUY NOW
Liberty Garden HoseRetractable65 foot1/2 inch4.5BUY NOW
Bionic Steel Garden HoseMetal100 foot5/8 inch4.4BUY NOW

Types of Garden Hoses

Flexible Water Hose

The most common type of gardening hose, these can be made of either rubber or vinyl. Depending on how they are made and with what material can determine if they would suit your needs.

Pros Easy to find due to many products on the market, dependable, can be easy to work with, easy to carry, different lengths available

Cons Varying quality due to types of materials used, hard to choose which one is best value, often need garden hose reel to store

Exapandable Garden Hose

Expandable garden hoses are very lightweight and can expand up to three times their length when filled up with water.

Pros Lightweight, great for hand watering and limited space to store a garden hose

Cons Can stop contracting properly over time leaving you with a hose that’s difficult to store. Need to be careful opening the nozzle after the hose is expanded as it will shrink as the water pressure in the hose decreases. This can be quite dramatic! Needs to be stored out of the sun and treated gently. Be aware that if you have high water pressure or leave a full expandable hose in the sun, expandable hoses can be more prone to rupturing because of the highly flexible inner tube.

Garden Soaker Hose

A garden soaker hose is used typically for garden irrigation. Once the water is turned on the water can seep out into the surrounding soil through thousand of tiny holes.

Pros Great for irrigation purposes, perfect for large vegetable beds

Cons Need relative level sites, May cover only shorter lengths, A larger diameter soaker hose will need decent water pressure.

Heavy Duty Garden Hose

A heavy duty hose can have many applications including use on farms, work sites and high traffic area. Made of materials that make these hoses difficult to kink and can withstand loads of weight.

Pros Hard to Kink, handle weights

Cons Can be heavy, more expensive

Coil Garden Water Hose

A coiled hose is formed into a tight spiral that comes together when not in use and then pulled out to be used. It is a short garden hose

Pros Best for hand watering and use in smaller areas like a patio or balcony

Cons Smaller lengths, storage can be tricky as they can’t be stored on a hose reel and are wall mounted so can get tangled on the hanger, need to consider that due to the coils they may not stretch to full length, usually a lower water flow and pressure

Retractable Garden Hose

A retractable garden hose is a great option if you are wanting a garden hose reel and garden hose in one unit. The retractable hose reel includes both the hose reel and garden hose.

Pros Compact and easy to use.

If the hose reel becomes damaged the whole unit must be replaced, also a lower water pressure.

Metal Garden Hose

A stainless steel garden hose is made to withstand moving around over rough ground and is a great option for a sturdy hose.

Pros Light weight and easy to move around. Harder to puncture than rubber garden hoses.

Cons Water pressure can be restricted due to the construction of a metal hose.

Garden Hose Buying Guide

We all have different requirements when we are looking at buying a garden hose, some times we need a short garden hose and for others a garden hose 100 ft long is the best for the job. If keeping your garden looking neat and tidy is high on your priority list, then check out my post on garden hose reels here and for the cat lovers, cat trees are a must. Here is the list of things you need to consider when deciding what is best for you.

  • Length  Tip: Longer is not always better

Garden hoses come in many different lengths and it’s important to choose one that is not too long. It is very tempting to think that buying an 100 ft garden hose will be the best so you can easily water your whole garden but you will be left lugging around a heavy garden hose that cost you more to buy that doesn’t have great water pressure.

A short garden hose of 25 foot can be perfect for a small patio where as a 50 ft garden hose is sufficient for most household yards. The longer the length of garden hose the more difficult they can be to manage due to the excess weight. This can be helped by a garden hose reel that can easily store the extra length. The right length hose

garden hose
  • Hose Diameter Tip: Water flow changes with size

Garden hose diameter is worked out by measuring the inside diameter of a hose and the bigger the diameter the more water the water hose will carry.  The trade off you have with a bigger hose diameter is that the hose will be heavier and is why a 5 8 hose is usually the best compromise between weight and water flow. A 3/4 garden hose can also be a handy buy.

  • Material Tip: Rubber beats Vinyl

You will usually find that garden hoses are made out of vinyl or rubber. Out of the two a rubber hose is a better long term investment.

A vinyl garden hose can be good option if you are on a tight budget and you only need to use the hose for light duty gardening tasks. They are more prone to degrading if exposed to harsh weather like being left out in the sun and kinking.

A rubber garden hose are generally stronger and will last you longer. They can be heavier to carry around the garden but have the added benefits of being a kink free garden hose. They are also more resistant to cracking and degrading if left out in the sun. If you are after a heavy duty garden hose that will last longer rubber is the best choice.

Both vinyl and rubber hoses are not always safe to drink water from as they can leach chemicals into the water making it unsafe to drink. If you or your pets are going to be drinking from the hose be sure to buy a drinking water safe hose. The same applies if you want to run hot water through your hose, invest in a heated garden hose that can withstand higher water temperatures.

The other type that has become extremely popular are garden hoses called expandable hose. These are usually made of a latex inside and some come with a tough polyester material on the outside. They are all over the TV and many pocket hose reviews have not been positive. The retractable hose range has increased over the last few years with more and more better ones coming on the market.

Dog with hose
  • Flexibility Tip: Ensure it doesn’t Kink

Kinking can lead to splitting of your garden hose which in turn shortens the life span of your hose. All garden hoses can be kinked if twisted enough. This can still happen even if a hose is described as a never kink hose but some are better than others. Stick to rubber and reinforced hoses if you are after a kink free garden hose.

Burst Hose
  • Strength Tip: Check Burst Pressure

A garden hose strength is measured in terms of the amount of water pressure the hose can take before it ruptures. This is usually described as burst pressure and if you are going to be using a sprinkler or nozzle check that the burst pressure is over 350 psi. If you also use your hose for pressure washers check the manual as you may need a higher psi.

  • Hose Connectors Tip: Check they aren’t Plastic

A garden hose connector is the end pieces of a garden hose that connect to things like sprinklers, spigots and hose nozzles. Ensure that the garden hose connectors aren’t plastic as these will degrade very quickly especially if left out in the sun.  A cheap garden hose will often have these plastic types so check to see that metal couplings are used and that they are brass. Brass fittings in particular are the most durable and leak resistant.

If you go over to Amazon and buy the top rated garden hose this may not be the best option as you need the garden hose that will work best for your needs. That is why we have produced this ultimate guide to buying a garden hose so you can decide which hose will actually suit you best so you don’t waste time or money.

If you are needing the best water hose nozzle check out our top tips on which one to buy here.

Garden Nozzle

Best Garden Hose – Flexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla Garden Hose with SwivelGrip

A flexible water hose can be one of the most handy hoses you will own. This Flexzilla garden hose comes with so many features that it came very close to being rated our top rated garden hose. Withstands extreme weather conditions and is made of a flexible hybrid polymer making it very durable and flexible at the same time. If you need the best 100 ft garden hose, this is the one to buy.


The Flexzilla hose features a 5/8 inch diameter and has great water pressure without being too heavy. Is much better at not kinking compared to other hoses and comes with a patent pending swivel grip female & male fittings.


Not the cheapest hose but lasts a longer time than the cheaper alternatives.



Hard to kink

Extreme all-weather flexibility



Bright green colour may change over time

Question over is it really safe to drink from

Perfect for

The Flexzilla water hose is for the all round gardener that will last you longer than the cheapest options available and provide a long length hose without the added weight. This is the best garden hose that will leave you wondering why you hadn’t tried it out earlier.

Runner Up Best Garden Hose – Eley Garden Hose

Eley Hose 100ft

This Eley hose made it as my second pick for it’s great value for money. Made of Polyurethane this garden hose is made of extremely durable material making it a hose that will last. Relatively kink free and if it does kink, it’s easy to fix


Polyurethane and drinking water safe

Rated to 150 psi

14 pounds in weight

Will withstand temperature changes between -14degF – 165degF


On the pricey side but well worth the investment


Very durable

Comes in a range of different lengths up to 200 foot long

Made in the USA, 10 year warranty



Perfect for

Serious gardeners

Best Flexible Hose – Water Right Hose

Water Right 500 Series 100 Foot Hose

Finding the best rated flexible hose was a tricky process but if you are wanting a great all rounder for your gardening jobs you can’t go past the Water Right range. Made in the USA this hose is easy to move around in the garden available in many different lengths and either brass or stainless steel garden hose connectors.


A terrific flexible garden hose that contains no lead, BPA, Phthalates or other toxic chemicals so safe for drinking water.

Although the larger hoses can be pricey it represents great value as there is so much choice with lengths and the type of fittings you can buy. This range is perfect for any budget.

1/2 inch hose diameter


Will last a long time

Durable hose connectors made of quality brass or steel

Safe for drinking water

Made in United States using 100% lead-free, BPA-free, top quality, UV stabilized FDA & NSF grade polyurethane



Not a high pressure hose, max pressure 70psi

Perfect for

Serious gardeners that need the best hose possible. If you choose this Water Right hose you can’t go wrong. So many features that would make it a joy to use in your garden, I don’t think you would stop at buying just one!

Best Expandable Garden Hose – Aterod Expandable Garden Hose

Aterod Expandable Garden Hose 50ft

Finding a retractable garden hose was met with reading lots of pocket hose reviews as I have seen a lot of them on TV. Unfortunately I came to realise that the top expandable hose is great but don’t last a long time. One though that really stood out as the best expandable hose was the Aterod Expandable Garden Hose 50ft. Far superior to it’s competitors it’s perfect for those gardeners wanting a hose that doesn’t take up much room.


The Aterod expandable garden hose is made of superior materials with the exterior of the Aterod hose is made out of a durable polyester fabric and the inside made of a triple layer flexible latex. The solid brass connectors ensure this expandable garden hose is a great choice.


This is a fantastic value expandable water hose. Not the cheapest, this expanding garden hose is well worth the money and try not to make the same mistakes as a lot of my friends have with buying the cheaper alternatives.


Light weight at 3.2 pounds

Kink free

Brass connectors very sturdy


Can be prone to punctures

Not suited to freezing or very hot conditions

Expandable hoses have been known to not shrink back or stretch out over long term use

Perfect for

If you are searching through the best expandable garden hoses, this is your winner.

Best Garden Soaker Hose – Osmile Soaker Hose

Osmile Professional Series Soaker Hose – 100 Foot by Osmile

Finally a soaker hose that will water your whole garden! Sold in 100 ft lengths this soaker hose actually waters with the full length of hose.


This soaker hose will emits 1 gallon per ft per hr at low pressure. Comes in 100 ft lengths and has a large 1 inch


These hoses aren’t cheap but are great value for money for the amount of garden they can soak and water.


Will soak the full length of hose

Very efficient watering

Saves water and money




Hoses quite stiff when first opened, may need to be laid out in the sun for a couple of days

Perfect For

If you are needing the best garden soaker hose, this is your pick. Easy to water your garden beds, these are a must for any serious gardener.

Best Heavy Duty Garden Hose – Apache Hose

Apache Heavy Duty Hose

The Apache Industrial Hose is a professional grade 3/4-inch hose made to withstand heavy duty use. This is a tough hose and even though not a light weight, will keep going and going.


The unique cover provides the durability and flexibility of a rubber hose. There is an exceptional abrasion resistant cover and great resistance to weather and aging. The heavy duty hose has a maximum pressure of 200 pounds_per_square_inch .


This is a pricey hose more aimed at the garden owners who need a stronger hose due to pets or other elements that may damage a more conventional hose.


Tough and durable

Long lasting

Can withstand extreme temperatures

Garden hose made in USA




Perfect for

The homeowner wanting a commercial water hose that will stand the test of weather and ageing. An excellent choice for a tough hose.

Best Coil Garden Hose – Water Right Hoses

Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose

If you are keen on a lightweight hose for smaller watering needs on the porch, patio, containers and small gardens this Water Right hose would be the best option. Water Right Garden Hose reviews are often fantastic so this is a great buy.


This coil hose has excellent feature


Not the cheapest coil hose but will last a long time saving you money in the long run



Great for watering small areas


May not stretch to full length of the hose

May kink up and hard to store

Perfect for

Watering areas on a balcony or porch. Not great if you need a long length of hose but great to hang up on a wall.

Best Short Garden Hose – Flexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla Garden Lead-in Hose

If you are in need of a short garden hose, the Flexzilla water hose is your best bet. Highly durable and no kink this would be a great buy for a small patio or balcony. Could also be used as a leader hose for your garden hose reel.


A terrific 10 ft garden hose with 5/8 inch diameter, this is an all weather hose that can withstand high and low temperatures.


This hose represents great value. Not the cheapest shortest hose around but well worth investing in.


Mid range price for the size

Extreme all-weather flexibility

Swivel grip end a bonus


Colour of hose may turn darker over time

Swivel grips can seem big for length of hose

Perfect for

A small patio or balcony. Easy to roll up, this hose would provide a great durable option but without the huge roll of hose to store.

Best Cheapest Garden Hose – Gilmour Professional Hose

Gilmour PRO Commercial Hose

If you are on a budget and wanting a 50 ft garden hose to last the distance the Gilmour garden hose is a great choice. Hard wearing and high burst strength, it is made in the USA backed by a lifetime warranty.


Made of double reinforced rubber and vinyl construction for the ultimate hose in strength and durability. The heavy duty metal couplings provide strength for the sometimes weaker connection area.


The Gilmour Pro Commercial Hose is great value. It is not just cheap, but has the features and performance to make this a top garden hose option.



High burst strength

Made in the USA


In extreme weather can be hard to coil

Can kink easily

Not for drinking water

Perfect for

Anyone searching for a hose on a budget. This is the best water hose for the price and represents excellent value for money. Just think of the possibilities of using 3 or 4 of these in your garden.

Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel – Liberty Retractable Hose

Liberty Garden Hose Reel

If you are searching for a garden hose that comes contained in a hose reel this is the garden hose for you. Compact and easy to use, a retractable water hose reel will definitely make your life easier!


Includes a 65 foot 1/2 inch PVC hose and leader hose

Auto retract system winds up the hose easily

Durable poly resin construction that can withstand hot temperatures and years of outdoor use.


The Liberty hose reel represents great value for gardeners needing an all-in-one unit. No need to buy both a garden hose and hose reel


Comes full assembled and wall mounting hardware is included

Easy to use



If a section of either the hose or reel breaks the whole unit needs to be replaced

Hose doesn’t have great water pressure compared to other garden hoses

Perfect for

The gardener that is short on time and that needs a compact, easy to use unit to keep their garden looking clean

Best Metal Garden Hose – Bionic Steel Hose

Bionic Steel Garden Hose

The Bionic Steel pro garden hose gets fantastic reviews and is a very durable hose. Perfect to use where punctures can occur with dragging hoses over rough surfaces.


The Bionic Steel water hose comes in 50 and 100 foot lengths.

Inner diameter 5/8 of an inch and 500PSI burst strength.

Weighs under 7 pounds.


Not the cheapest hose but will last a long time so will be worth the money


Very tough and can withstand both heat and freezing temperatures

Easy to maneuver and lightweight



Water pressure can be poor at times

Perfect for

This would have to be the best metal hose for your garden and you won’t be sorry if you purchase this metal hose. You may also recognise it as the metal garden hose as seen on TV, it’s very popular!

Best of luck with choosing the right garden hose for you. My best advice is to not always choose the cheapest or best rated as they may not actually suit your needs. Use this guide to help make your gardening life easier and happy gardening!! If you need the best lawn sprinkler for your grass check out my blog post on the best sprinkler here.

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